Boat Hauling Services

We can haul up to 700 tons with our three Marine Travel Lifts, including one of the largest on the East Coast. Boats and yachts of all sizes welcome!

Boat Storage Services

With over 50,000 sq ft of yard space, we can provide indoor and outdoor storage facilities for boats of all sizes. State-of-the-art security is included!

Painting & Antifouling

Our experienced team pride themselves on paying acute attention to detail and leave all vessels with a first-class finish, including antifouling protection.

Rigging, Masts, & Sails

Our team of professional sailmakers can handle sails of all sizes and fabrics from traditional cotton sails for classic yachts to carbon / Kevlar racing sails.

Electronics Services

Our electronics services range from general electronics repairs to electrical audits, battery & inverter installations, and upgrades to the latest marine technology.

Restoration Services

We can transform a boat in disrepair by bringing it back to full working order, while maintaining authenticity or original construction, unless requested otherwise.

Performance Racing

MerManMarine specializes in rigging for racing, cruising, and mega yachts; performance racing bottoms and customized whisker pole solutions.

Commercial Marine

We offer a variety of comprehensive commercial marine services, including media blasting, welding & re-plating, painting, de-oiling and dismantling.

Our Fueling Dock

Our high-speed fuel dock is conveniently located on Long Island Sound and offers both diesel and gasoline. Open Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.