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At Bridgeport Boatworks, in Connecticut, we offer our clients a range of sail related services, including sail repairs, recuts, cleaning, storage, inspections and more.

Our team of professional sailmakers are highly trained to help you get optimal usage from your sails. Plus, we have the industry knowledge and experience to not only address your sails’ immediate concerns, but also look out for any signs (e.g. wear spots) indicating future complications and act on them before they escalate, saving you time and money in the process.

We can handle sails from the smallest boats right up to 700 kilo superyacht sails and fabrics from traditional cotton sails for classic yachts to carbon/Kevlar racing sails.

MerManMarine at Bridgeport Boatworks

RigMaxx provides all the rigging services you will need for your vessel. Splicing, winch services, specialized line, rig tuning, and winterization. We are dedicated to making sure your yacht will be finely tuned.

We do custom splicing, winch services, rig tuning and service, off-site servicing, hydraulics, deck layout and hardware service, and customized whisker pole solutions.

Services Available


As well as repairing sails, we clean them to eradicate dirt, algae, staining and mildew before coating them with top quality sail protection products. Our results are always outstanding, so it’s no wonder we keep our clients and build long-lasting relationships with the sailing community.


When it comes to transporting your rigging, we are more than equipped to ensure the mast and spars are adequately protected throughout the entire transportation process. With the addition of our recently debuted 700-MT Travelift, we always have the capacity to ensure your vessel is given the space required to keep its components safe.


We offer our clients the opportunity to have their sails and rigging regularly inspected and be informed of any actions needed to bring them up to industry standards. Because of the safety elements involved, only trained professionals should carry out rigging inspections to ensure they are done correctly.


We also offer our clients a professional rig tuning service, where we conduct a thorough check, ensuring all elements are in the correct position and the mast is in position to facilitate optimal sailing performance. In our experience, tuning the rigging can result in considerable performance improvements for your vessel. So, it’s always best to leave this to the experts – that’s us!

The team at Bridgeport Boatworks are always happy to answer your questions regarding rigging, masts and sails. If you would like more information about our services or would like to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.